We all know that many factors impact on the property market, influencing wh... read more »
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We all know that many factors impact on the property market, influencing what happens. Some of these factors are more important than others and there will be some factors that are given more media attention and coverage than others, such as Brexit, b... read more »
Are Bad Agents Impacting On Property and Rental Market?
With the property market being so important, it is only natural that so many people take an elevated level of interest in some of the key factors in the property market. The issues that are of most interest are likely to be property prices and the vo... read more »
Mortgage Approvals Are Up – What Next?
As there are many factors impacting on the property market, it is important that people with an interest in the market stay abreast of the latest news and developments. At Villabela, we stay in touch with national and local developments, so when it c... read more »
Energy Standard Changes: Impact On Property Market?
We know that landlords face many challenges in running their business and providing the best standard of service to tenants. At Villabela, we aim to provide the highest standard of service to landlords and we are here to ensure that you are ready for... read more »
Landlords: Ready For New Regulations
It would be fair to say that online agents have changed the property and lettings market in recent years. The emergence of online property portals has had a significant impact on the market, providing people with a whole new way to look for property.... read more »
Online Letting Agents: Are They Performing As They Should?
There is no denying that many Landlords face difficulties in letting their property and running their business successfully. There are many different challenges that need to be overcome to be a Landlord, including many administrative and regulatory i... read more »
Should Landlords Enter Short Term Lettings Market?
While the Government believed that cutting stamp duty for first-time buyers purchasing property for less than £300,000 was a positive move, there has been a lot of criticism. Almost immediately, there were claims that the cut would do more to b... read more »
Is Stamp Duty Cut Helping First Time Buyers Already?
With most of the predictions for the 2018 property market suggesting that this year would be a slow one in the industry, the sprightly start experienced in January has caught many by surprise. This has been the case across the country, with Nationwid... read more »
North East Prices Rising Faster Than London Prices
It would be fair to say that in the letting market, not every decision is of benefit to Landlords and tenants. While it is hoped that Landlords and tenants hold a harmonious relationship where they work together to achieve a strong relationship, ther... read more »
Three Year Tenancy Policy Supports Tenants and Landlords
House prices are one of the most commonly discussed topics in the UK and it would be fair to say that most adults have an interest in how the market is performing. Whether you are looking to move soon, or you have an investment to think of, property ... read more »
UK House Prices Fell In December
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