When it comes to property prices in the North East, it is important to stay... read more »
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When it comes to property prices in the North East, it is important to stay involved with the market. At Villabela, we help our clients stay in touch with data and we are always happy to offer guidance and advice that helps you make a more informed d... read more »
North East Property Prices Rise £5,000 In April
It is fair to say that Landlords have had a lot of issues and challenges to face in recent times. There have been several regulatory issues to contend with and when it comes to finances, a substantial number of Landlords have been feeling the squeeze... read more »
More Legislative Issues For Landlords To Contend With
It is often difficult to find optimism in the property or rental market, but there are certainly enough aspects to help professionals view the future with come confidence. At Villabela, we appreciate Landlords face many challenges in the present day,... read more »
Demand For Rental Accommodation Is On The Up
Being a Landlord is difficult. At Villabela, we do our best to assist Landlords here in the North East, and if you ever need help or guidance, please get in touch. We know that changes to the tax imposed on Landlords and rental property has caused is... read more »
Landlords: Tips To Overcome Tax Losses Without Hiking Rates
It is obvious that Landlords need to spend some time considering who to let their flat to. If there is no demand for rental property, a Landlord may be happy to let the property to anyone but, this is rarely the case. There is an elevated level of de... read more »
Right To Let Regulations: Impacting On Who Landlords Let To?
The 1st of April was a busy day for professionals in the rental sector across the country. Not only was this day April Fools Day and Easter Sunday, not to mention the day that MEES was introduced, the Government also introduced a crackdown on rogue l... read more »
New Letting Agents Mandatory Qualification
April 1st is a day of pranks and being caught out on social media but in 2018, it was also the day when many Landlords in the United Kingdom were facing up to the introduction of MEES, the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards regulations. From this da... read more »
Landlords Call For Green Tax Breaks As MEES Is Introduced
While the Government is proposing that deposits should be capped at six weeks’ worth of rent, there is an elevated level of debate around this matter. As you would expect, many industries and professionals have a vested interest in this matter,... read more »
Deposit Cap: NLA & Landlords Speak Out
We all know that many factors impact on the property market, influencing what happens. Some of these factors are more important than others and there will be some factors that are given more media attention and coverage than others, such as Brexit, b... read more »
Are Bad Agents Impacting On Property and Rental Market?
With the property market being so important, it is only natural that so many people take an elevated level of interest in some of the key factors in the property market. The issues that are of most interest are likely to be property prices and the vo... read more »
Mortgage Approvals Are Up – What Next?
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