Investing in property is a sensible move for many people these days, partic... read more »
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Investing in property is a sensible move for many people these days, particularly with the demand for rental accommodation being what it is. However, it is important that landlords and investors study their options first before making a commitment. T... read more »
A property market guide for Landlords and Investors in the North East
Applying for a mortgage is likely to be one of the most stressful activities a person undertakes in their life. This is why it is advisable to plan in advance and do as much as you can to improve your chances of obtaining a mortgage. Many people now ... read more »
5 Things to do before applying for a Mortgage
The middle of the year is always a good time to take stock and review where we are in life. This is the case for anything, whether it is business or personal, but this is definitely something that is of great interest in the property market. There is... read more »
A mid- year look at the Newcastle property market
When it comes to buying property, you have a number of factors to consider. The location you buy in should always be a major factor and the style of house you look to buy will matter as well. You have many options at your disposal but buying new in N... read more »
Why buy new in Newcastle? Our essential guide
Given the high level of demand for rental property, it is easy to see why the buy to let market is an attractive proposition for many people. One of the great reasons to invest in the property market is the ability to add value to the property, and t... read more »
6 Steps to add value to a buy to let property
As the tenancy agreement is still in place, the landlord is not able to enter the property without their permission. This means that the landlord should provide written notice, with at least 24 hours’ notice, of their belief that the property h... read more »
Entering the property
There are many things a landlord has to contend with and there is a lot to worry about. However, a tenant abandoning a property is a major concern for landlords and it is important that a landlord knows how to react and what they can when this situat... read more »
My tenant has abandoned my property, where do I stand?
When it comes to making the most of summer, you don’t need to go away to have a great time. There are many reasons why people decide to stay close to home during the summer but whatever reason or reasons influence your decision, it is up to you... read more »
Have a Staycation this Summer - Newcastle 2017
There are many positive aspects to being a landlord but it isn’t easy and there are a number of things that landlords need to consider. If you have been confused by landlord tax, or you are unsure of the tax responsibilities a landlord has, our... read more »
Confused by Landlord Tax? Our helpful guide
While landscaping is viewed by many people as just gardening or a major overhaul of a garden, there are many landscaping jobs that lie in between these two extremes. Landscaping can have a huge impact on a home and people’s enjoyment or utility... read more »
5 Ideas how to Landscape your rented property
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