It is perfectly understandable that Landlords will look to save money in th... read more »
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It is essential that Landlords keep in touch with the latest regulations and on the 1st of April 2018, there will be a change to regulations regarding properties let in the private rented sector. There will be a requirement for the property in any ne... read more »
Landlords: Ready For 2018 EPC Regulation Changes?
With the Bank of England raising their base rate from 0.25% to 0.5%, it is understandable that many people have been reviewing their mortgage or finance options. This was the first increase in ten years and given that the Monetary Policy Committee of... read more »
Buy To Let Mortgage Rates Increasing
No matter what move you are looking to make in the property market, you should make an informed decision. This is why it makes sense to find out the facts and figures surrounding the North East property market. If you are keen to learn about property... read more »
North East Property Values, Prices & Yields: Autumn 2017
Given the political state of the United Kingdom at the moment, no one can be too confident about what the future holds with respect to the leadership of the country. While there is no immediate need for a General Election to be held, it would be a fo... read more »
Rent Controls: What Would It Mean For Buy To Let Market?
With winter on the way, Landlords should be looking at ways to protect their property and support tenants to stay happy and healthy in the home. This can be a big task and many Landlords are not sure of what to do for the best to maintain and care fo... read more »
Winter Is Coming: Property Management Services More Important Than Ever
There are many things that a Landlord must consider when they think about buying property to let and like most aspects of life; the financial matters are usually the most important. While it is impossible to fully predict the future, there is a need ... read more »
Landlords: Benefits Of Guaranteed Rent
A Landlord has to take care of many things when letting property but it is essential that they ensure the property is in good condition. This is vital before a property is placed on to the market and it is also important during the tenancy period. It... read more »
Importance Of Repair Work For Landlords
While staging is a commonly discussed tactic when selling property, it is also something that can be utilised when letting a property. A Landlord should be looking to attract the best tenants, and a well-staged property can make all the difference in... read more »
Stage Your Property To Attract The Best Tenants
While there are many things a person is interested in before they move into property in a particular area, the local schools are a huge factor. School catchment areas have always been a factor in deciding where to live but in recent times, this has b... read more »
Newcastle Schools: Who Is Top Of The Class?
The level of demand for rental property means there is an incentive for people to act as Landlords but this is a role that can be more challenging than many people think. While the incentives and returns are positive in the North East of England, the... read more »
Property Management In North East England
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