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There are many things a landlord has to contend with and there is a lot to worry about. However, a tenant abandoning a property is a major concern for landlords and it is important that a landlord knows how to react and what they can when this situat... read more »
My tenant has abandoned my property, where do I stand?
When it comes to making the most of summer, you don’t need to go away to have a great time. There are many reasons why people decide to stay close to home during the summer but whatever reason or reasons influence your decision, it is up to you... read more »
Have a Staycation this Summer - Newcastle 2017
There are many positive aspects to being a landlord but it isn’t easy and there are a number of things that landlords need to consider. If you have been confused by landlord tax, or you are unsure of the tax responsibilities a landlord has, our... read more »
Confused by Landlord Tax? Our helpful guide
While landscaping is viewed by many people as just gardening or a major overhaul of a garden, there are many landscaping jobs that lie in between these two extremes. Landscaping can have a huge impact on a home and people’s enjoyment or utility... read more »
5 Ideas how to Landscape your rented property
There are a number of health and safety regulations that a landlord has to comply with, and many of these have changed over the years. A recent regulation that landlords need to be aware of, The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016, which b... read more »
The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016. Landlords are you up to speed?
There is often a thin line between making your rental home look presentable and ensuring that you keep your deposit! Many tenants decide against carrying out any decoration work around their rented property to ensure they don’t place their depo... read more »
Brighten up your rental property with these top tips
While it makes sense for a landlord to have a tenant in place for as long as possible, there are times when a landlord is looking to evict the tenant. This means that some tenants are worried about eviction, but steps can be taken to minimise the thr... read more »
Tenants. Worried about eviction? Here is how to reduce the possibility
While there are many things that the whole world knows about Newcastle, or seems to know about Newcastle, there are many treasures and delights that are only known by local residents or people who have spent a lot of time in the area. Here are 10 thi... read more »
10 things you will only know if you have lived in Newcastle
Renting your first property is an exciting time of life but it is a big responsibility. It is vital that potential tenants know their responsibilities and what is expected from them when they rent their first property. There is also a need to underst... read more »
A beginners guide if you’re looking to rent your first property
The first day of tenancy can be an exciting and daunting prospect for the landlord and tenant, but there are steps which can be taken which make the process easier for all parties. Here are 5 things you should do as a landlord on the first day of ten... read more »
5 Things you should do as a Landlord on the first day of tenancy
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