It is perfectly understandable that Landlords will look to save money in th... read more »
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Now that spring has sprung, it is the perfect time to move house. You will find that buyers and sellers are more motivated in April, which helps to bring the market together more effectively. The nature of demand for property and the emergence of onl... read more »
Spring has sprung! Why April is the perfect time to move house
Anyone with an interest in the housing market is always keen to look back and see what has happened in recent times. The movement of the housing market in the last 12 months is always of interest, because it gives people an indicator of what the mark... read more »
A look at the housing market in the North East in the last 12 months
When you rent a property, you are limited in what you can do to stamp your style on the property. This is as true for the outside of your property, as it is for the inside of the home. This means many tenants decide to do as little as possible with t... read more »
Design tricks to personalise a rented Garden
As the largest city in the North East of England, it is understandable that many people instantly think of Newcastle as being a good place to invest in a buy to let property. Thankfully, the statistics and reasoning back up this hunch and there are m... read more »
Why purchasing a buy to let in Newcastle is a great investment
If you are a landlord, or you are thinking about being a landlord, you need to know the tips and tricks that help these professionals to make the most of their opportunity. If you want to learn how to be a landlord, here are 10 top tips for success. ... read more »
How to be a Landlord - Top 10 tips for success
Given the demand for rental property in the United Kingdom, it is easy to see why many people believe that acting as a landlord is a sensible activity. It is estimated that there are around 1.5m landlords in the country, and although not all of them ... read more »
Landlords, Get your house rent ready for 2017
There are many things that can go wrong at home, so it is vital that landlords know what issues commonly arise. Keeping on top of the most common issues will give landlords a better chance of minimising the impact of these problems around the home. ... read more »
Common repair issues that Landlords should know
Given the amount of major political and economic events in the UK in 2016, it is no surprise that the property market has had a few challenges to contend with. During 2016, many experts were predicting tough times in the property market but with the ... read more »
House Price review in the North East 2016
There are many things to consider when investing in property with the aim of earning rental income, but location is easily one of the most important factors. The right location can make a massive difference, not only in the clientele you can expect o... read more »
Rental yields in Newcastle upon Tyne - a good time to invest?
Anyone looking to be successful as a landlord should treat the role as a business. This means you should be looking to offer a reliable and professional service to your tenants. There are many ways in which you can stand out from the crowd and here a... read more »
Top tips to be a fantastic Landlord in 2017
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