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Buying a home is often considered to be part of life, with many people seeing buying a home being the final transition into adulthood. However, this is a very traditional view and the nature of the modern property market and indeed modern life is not... read more »
The benefits of renting a property vs buying
If you have to share property with other people, the relationship with flatmates can be one of the biggest factors in how much enjoyment or pleasure you take from the process. This is why the quality of housemate you share with is one of the biggest ... read more »
What makes the perfect house mate?
While being a landlord can be an exciting challenge and a good way to generate income, it is a very serious role with many legal responsibilities. It is essential that landlords understand the legal responsibilities of the role and this guide aims to... read more »
The legal responsibilities of a Landlord explained
While there are many ways to get into the festive spirit, a lot of people think that Christmas decorations really get them in the mood for this time of year. However, many people who rent their home don’t want to do too much with respect to dec... read more »
Simple ways to give your rental home a festive feel
Renting can be very exciting but it is a big responsibility. It is important to treat a rental property with respect and here are 10 things you should know before you rent a house. Renting is more expensive than you think When you are looking to re... read more »
10 things you should know before you rent a house
Given the demand for rental property, it is fair to say that there is still demand for the buy to let market. Savvy landlords and investors can achieve success in this market but it is important to invest money wisely. Here are some things to look fo... read more »
What to look for in a great buy to let investment
Acting as a landlord can provide you with a good return on an investment and regular income, but new landlords have to be prepared for what the role entails. Many new landlords have been caught out by the challenges created by the position but this u... read more »
The ultimate guide for new landlords
If you want to ensure that your home is warm, welcoming and functional this winter, now is the time to act. Here is how to prepare your home for the winter months. Clear your gutters and drains This isn’t a task that too many people will be i... read more »
How to prepare your home for the winter months
Being a landlord can be fun, fulfilling and lucrative but it is also a challenge. If you want to be a great landlord, here are 10 top tips. Vet tenants Before you allow someone to move into your home, you should try and find out about them. This me... read more »
Be a great Landlord with these 10 top tips
While most people want to place their own mark on their home, people who live in rented property have to be respectful of the fact that they don’t own the home. Any major change should be run by the landlord and of course, if you don’t ow... read more »
Clever design ideas for your rented property
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