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The Hackitt Review Could Improve Tenant Safety

The Hackitt Review Could Improve Tenant Safety

The importance of tenant safety should be at the forefront of all Landlords’ thoughts and activities. There are many issues which impact on a Landlord’s ability to operate, with financial constraints always being a critical factor, but there is no denying that providing property which complies with all health and safety regulations is essential. At Villabela, we are always happy to help Landlords improve safety at their property and we believe that there are some changes coming in this sector.


There has been considerable focus on the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, with the final report being published in May of 2018. Not everyone has been happy with the findings. There have been media complaints about a lack of a complete ban on combustible cladding. With respect to the Greenfell Tower tragedy, it is perfectly understandable that people have strong opinions and passion on this topic, and in this regard, it is natural for some people to feel the report has fallen short.


Landlords will have to make changes to property


However, there are many positive recommendations within the report, and it is hoped that these recommendations will lead to a safer environment for tenants. There have been calls for further funding to be provided by the Government to organisations that offer support and guidance to tenants. There is a need to provide better information to tenants with respect to their rights and how to create a safer home environment.


One positive change should also come in the form of a regulatory framework, with recommendations for a Joint Competent Authority, the JCA. An issue in many properties and blocks has been the uncertainty over who is responsible for maintaining buildings and the market has suffered through ambiguity with respect to regulations, compliance and guidance. The new regulatory framework will hopefully deal with these issues, promoting safety and ensuring changes are implemented at a faster rate.


Costs are always an issue to Landlords


There will be Landlords who hear about impending changes to the way they operate and have concerns about the cost implications. This is an unavoidable issue. Every Landlord would prefer to offer a safe and welcoming property but the costs of improving property may be prohibitive, and this means some Landlords will be concerned about what changes will mean to their ability to operate.


With anecdotal evidence suggesting some Landlords are exiting the industry due to rising costs and challenging regulations, it is unlikely that many within the industry will be pleased to see further regulations imposed on the market. However, there is a need to make property safer, and as demand for rental property in the UK grows, this issue becomes even more pressing.


At Villabela, we understand the challenges facing Landlords and we know that Landlords struggle to remain in touch with changing regulations. If you want to ensure that you know what your requirements are and would like assistance in offering the best service to tenants, contact Villabella and we will be more than happy to help.


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