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Reports Suggest Self-Managing Is A False Economy For Landlords

Reports Suggest Self-Managing Is A False Economy For Landlords

It is perfectly understandable that Landlords will look to save money in their operations. Being a Landlord is a challenging role and with so many costs and fees associated with roles, Landlords need to be aware of the costs associated with the work. However, it is important to remember that low cost doesn’t always equal value for money. There may be times when saving money, perhaps through self-managing property, is a false economy for Landlords.


There is no denying that when you consider the finances on a spreadsheet or piece of paper, self-managing property is an appealing prospect. However, self-managing may limit the income you can generate, it may provide you with no free time at all, it can damage the reputation you have in the industry, it can lead to void properties and it could even lead to you being forced out of business.


Landlords have a lot to deal with


Some Landlords can self-manage in an effective manner, but many other professionals struggle. If you are new to being a Landlord, you may be unaware of the full range of tasks associated with the role. Being a Landlord is much more than offering a house and then dealing with a tenant. A successful Landlord will have:


  • Researched property and local areas before investing
  • Awareness about which tenant they want to work with and which demographic is best for them
  • A clear strategy on how to promote to the right tenants
  • The ability to vet tenants
  • Confidence in collecting rental fees every month
  • An understanding of the regulations, administrative elements and health and safety aspects of the role
  • The ability to carry out repairs and maintenance around the home


These are all tasks that self-managing Landlords must undertake and a failure to do so may negative impact on how a Landlord performs. All these aspects are vital in achieving success as a Landlord, which is why turning to a professional property management specialist makes sense.


Property management firms provide tenants with a better standard of service


A property management company that knows the best standard of tenants, who can promote to them effectively and who provides them with a standard of service that sees tenants pay more and stays longer is an effective investment for a Landlord. Yes, hiring this professional is an outlay but the benefits of this professional service can generate more income and consistent income, which can more than justify the cost of hiring a professional.


Self-managing a property is extremely time-consuming so even if a Landlord can perform this role and generate income, they may find that they have no spare time or energy to enjoy themselves. Calling on the experts for support helps to strike a balance between work and play which is essential, and something that Landlords shouldn’t overlook. Some tenants can be highly demanding, which is why having professional assistance is of great benefit because most Landlords would struggle to meet the expectations of tenants if they did everything by themselves.


At Villabela, we appreciate the financial pressure Landlords face. Self-managing seems like a great idea because it lowers the costs of a Landlord but in the long-term, this is a false economy that can harm a Landlord’s business. If you’re looking for guidance on this matter, please contact Villabela and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


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