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More Legislative Issues For Landlords To Contend With

More Legislative Issues For Landlords To Contend With

It is fair to say that Landlords have had a lot of issues and challenges to face in recent times. There have been several regulatory issues to contend with and when it comes to finances, a substantial number of Landlords have been feeling the squeeze.


There is evidence to suggest that some Landlords have walked away from the profession due to the number of regulatory changes they have had to deal with. Any lettings market professional who felt that they had endured the worst of these changes should be aware that there are more legislative issues for Landlords to contend with.


At the end of April, the Government announced that at some point in 2018, they intend to review the requirements relating to carbon monoxide alarms for properties in England. The review will consider the current legislation and determine if it is suitable for purpose. If this regulation is not deemed suitable for purpose, further reforms are likely to be undertaken.


Present legislation has been in place for a while


The current regulations in place have been present since the beginning of October 2015. Landlords or agents are required to ensure that if a property is occupied by a tenant, all rooms that have a solid fuel burning combustion appliance have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted.


There is also a requirement for every property which hosts rental accommodation has a smoke alarm on every relevant floor. It is also essential that agents or Landlords carry out a test of all arms on the day that a tenant enters the property. These alarms must be shown to be in full working order.


It is believed that the following aspects will be considered within the review:

  • The cost of buying and installing carbon monoxide alarms
  • Whether an alarm should be made mandatory for all heating methods
  • Research undertaken into deaths which have been attributed to carbon monoxide

Another issue that is likely to be part of the review is whether the cost of carbon monoxide alarms has played a factor in Landlords or agents deciding not to install them. There is no denying that Landlords face significant costs in maintaining their property and the cost of carbon monoxide alarms can soon add up.


The review will cover a number of main issues


It is also likely that the review will focus on studies relating to the number of carbon monoxide poisonings that have been recorded.


While it is vital that the Government undertakes a thorough review relating to health and safety, there is a need to focus on the impact on Landlords and agents. ARLA Propertymark are hoping to be included in the review process, with this organisation having been part of the group which focused on Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015.


ARLA Propertymark is also looking to ensure that sensible regulations are introduced and if changes are made, that Landlords and agents are provided with a sensible lead time to ensure that changes can be carried out in an effective manner.


If you are keen to stay up to date with the latest news and regulations regarding Landlords, be sure to contact Villabela. We are North East letting agent specialists and we look forward to helping you achieve your property aims and goals.



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