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Property Sourcing Testimonial

"In Property Investment sometimes you know where you want to be but you do not know how to implement the plans to reach your goals. This was the position I was in 12 month ago when I decided that I was going to build up a buy to let portfolio of properties.


The situation was also made a little more complicated because the area I decided to invest in was 300 miles away from where I lived. Therefore I needed someone who could manage my buy to let properties in a professional way and in a way that I could trust as I would not be on hand to manage the properties myself.


This is why I teamed up with Gary/Villabela Properties so that I could use their years of experience in both being a landlord as well as managing properties for other people. This experience and trust was the main reason for teaming up with Villabela Properties.


However Villabela did not only provide the buy to let local management, they also provided me other services in enabling me to grow my buy to let portfolio. They assisted me in property visits prior to sale, to assess the potential and costs associated with the purchase. This enabled me to use their experience to ensure I obtained the best possible properties to purchase. This enabled me to maximise my financial returns. Their knowledge of the local market greatly assisted this process because Villabela have been active in the market for many years and have built up a great knowledge of the properties in the area. They also have a very good reputation for a quality service in all aspects of the buy to let business.


Villabella also had a prominent role in the refurbishment and decoration of the new properties. With their local contacts they project managed this work and called on their associated skilled tradesmen to do all aspects of building, plastering, decorating, roofing, kitchens and gardens. They arranged all the work to be done often on tight deadlines to ensure the properties would be on time to meet the tenant’s requirements. They also handle all the legal requirements for gas and electricity safety.


In building up my portfolio of properties not everything has gone smoothly and when things start to go a little off course this is when you appreciate the true strength of Villabelas experience, because they do not walk away from the issues but work even harder to resolve them in a satisfactory way.


Therefore In summary, Villabela Properties Ltd has provided me with an excellent service in all aspects of the Buy to Let Business. This has enabled me to grow my portfolio of products successfully in a short period of time. Even when I have been over 300 miles from the properties and business I feel that I am well informed and my interests are protected. This service has always been provided promptly and with a joke or a cutting remark that has made the whole experience of Buy to Let enjoyable as well as profitable.


Thank you Villabela for assisting me in achieving my goals and I would recommend Villabela Properties Ltd to other owners who want to develop their Buy to Let business."

Ian Kirkpatrick - Hampshire