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Property Sourcing Testimonial

"In Property Investment sometimes you know where you want to be but you do not know how to implement the plans to reach your goals. This was the position I was in 12 month ago when I decided that I was going to build up a buy to let portfolio of properties.

The situation was also made a little more complicated because the area I decided to invest in was 300 miles away from where I lived..."

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Property Sourcing

Well hello there!

Welcome to our property sourcing section

Villabela Properties Ltd can offer you a tailored Property Sourcing Solution...


Regardless of where you are at on your property journey, whether you are at the initial stages of considering property investment or a seasoned investor wishing to grow an existing portfolio, we are able to assist you with your personal needs & requirements.


Villabela Properties Ltd currently source buy-to-let properties for investors


Each has their own individual requirements, needs, approach, targets, ambitions and exit strategies.

We therefore, carefully consult with our clients, to ensure our sourcing services are as prescribed, ensuring a profitable investment is succeeded, each time.

The sourcing services we offer will provide a consistent level of investment, in the rightful & most suitable areas, to ensure an effective means of yield and capital growth.


This ensures ease of stress whilst maximising an assurance of what we aim to achieve for you.


Villabela Properties Ltd will provide due diligence and ensure you the confidence of a hands off approach where required.

Or... you may even wish to combine your efforts with ourselves, as we work together to qualify your individual prospects.


Our core intention is to source a lead to suit your requirements, qualify, negotiate and secure your buy-to-let investment, whether cash funded or a combined deposit and mortgage, based on your budget.


Call us for an informal chat or click and complete the Property Sourcing Contact Form and we will respond at the soonest.


Property Sourcing Newcastle

Soldsure Property Brokers


To combine our success we are also partnered with…


Sold Sure the UK’s fastest growing property network of property brokers, with our very own online, optimised, magnetised web facility, which is designed to draw in potential deals throughout our area, meaning, we also have access to deals which are off market properties.

So...no matter how hard you search – you will not find them – as we already have them – in our Web Sourcing Facility.



Soldsure is the UK’s fastest growing network of independent Property Sourcers.

We are a network of professional property sourcers and traders, identifying investment ready opportunities.


Alternatively you may wish to take advantage of our Fast Buying Service...so why not complete the contact form at www.sellhousenewcastle.co.uk to enable us to communicate and discuss your requirements.


To achieve the correct and most suitable investment in your chosen area, can be and generally is a massive task, searching through the particulars of hundreds of properties on the open market, is a time consuming labour intensive exercise.


So, unless you are an expert in your area…the personal choices you rely on can easily go wrong.


Villabela Properties Ltd have the extensive background and knowledge of the North Tyneside – Newcastle Upon Tyne rental market, as we dominate our ground to ensure our personal choices do not easily go wrong.


With our on the ground expertise we know….

- Where to buy and what to buy…

- Which properties and areas perform well…

- Which properties and areas do not perform well…

Call us for an informal chat or click and complete the Property Sourcing Contact Form and we will respond at the soonest.

Please feel free to savour the information & guidelines we have to offer across the website.


Villabela Properties Ltd are at your service...


We will…..

Let & Manage

or...find you a Fast Buyer